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Q & A with Mr. Mike

Check back often for more answers to your questions for Mr. Mike!

Mike (OH) How did you come up with the title of your book?

Mr. Mike Generally custodians know how to do the physical work required of them in the custodial field.  Where they often struggle is how to act, react and conduct themselves as professionals in order to promote career growth.  We all have a choice everyday of what attitude and effort we put forth with every aspect of our lives. Who Swings Your Mop? begs to ask the question how you will act, react and conduct yourself. Not only in the custodial field but in life. 

The title speaks to the thought process in making the right choices for success and what drives you is the underlining message of the title and book itself.


Danielle (OH) I am currently a night custodian and just applied for a promotion to head custodian at another school.  What do you recommend I do to prepare for my interview?

Mr. Mike Good question Danielle!  Many custodians struggle when it comes to preparing for an interview. First I recommend that you visit the school prior to the interview and ask if a staff member would be willing to show you around the building and tell you a little about the school. When doing so, make sure you take written notes of positive things you see along with a couple items you feel you can improve upon. This will not only give you talking points during the interview, but also demonstrate your proactive approach. If this is not possible, I would at least visit the schools website and try to learn as much as you can about that site. Secondly, I strongly encourage you to build and present a portfolio showing your professionalism and work history.  You will find the items that should be included in your portfolio in my book;

Who Swings Your Mop? 

From there you must anticipate what questions will be asked and practice your responses. Dress professionally and Good Luck Danielle!

Doris (CO)  Our supervisor is purchasing a deep cleaning restroom machine.  Do you feel these really work or just a scam to make money?

Mr. Mike When I started as a custodian over 25 years ago, most everything I did involved physically swinging a mop.  Today many companies offer state of the art equipment that not only makes the job easier, but does a better job in regards to quality of cleaning. The first thing I would wonder is if you work at a small elementary, middle or high school.  While deep cleaning restroom machines are indeed a fantastic piece of equipment, they work best in larger facilities, where one employee can be designated as the "restroom/locker room cleaner."  These touch free machines are definitely well worth the purchase and you should be thanking your supervisor for helping you improve the cleanliness of your school. 

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