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Our Mission:

To help all custodians excel and have pride in their profession.


President and Author of Who Swings Your Mop?  Mike Ward, has been in the custodial industry for nearly 30 years.  As a freshman in high school he began his career as a custodial aide.   Since that time he has been a 3rd shift, 2nd shift, assistant head custodian, head custodian, union president, area manager and department head in four school districts in both Ohio and Colorado.  Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Concentration in Human Resources Management along with a PHR Certification through the HR Institute.

If you do not have the opportunity to attend one of Mike's Custodial 101 or Leadership classes, take advantage of his passion for custodians and custodial work through his one of a kind book;

Who Swings Your Mop?

The book and website are designed to train and help custodians in areas that most employers do not provide.  Leadership and decision making skills, along with topics such as dealing with difficult personalities, how to master your evaluation and keys to being a Rockstar custodian are a few of the areas Mike addresses both in Who Swings Your Mop? and the Q & A of this website. 

It is Mike's hope that through his experiences he can help change you from a "stupid janitor" to a well respected custodian.

Mike Ward, PHR
WSYM President & Author
What makes Who Swings Your Mop? different from other custodial resources?

It is always Mike's goal to protect and stand up for the best interest of the custodial worker.  He does not endorse cleaning methods, time studies and equipment without putting them to the test himself.  Over the years he has helped many custodians increase productivity and improve efficiency with his tested and tried practices.  At the end of the day if it is not helping a custodian it is not worth doing or using!

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