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Who Swings Your Mop is a one of a kind book that covers topics that most employers do not train their people on. Reading this book and utilizing it's resources is a sure fire way to success for anyone in the custodial field! What makes this book unique in comparison to most custodial resources is that the focus is on how to become a professional member of the staff.

Chapter One: You Get What You Advertise

The focus of this chapter is advertising and conducting yourself as a professional not a stupid janitor.

  • The difference between a custodian and a janitor

  • The right and wrong reactions to various situations

  • Striving to be a winner; not a whiner

  • What a custodian needs to make an advertisement upgrade


Chapter Two: Teamwork is Not The Answer

The focus of this chapter is getting custodial crews on the same page to maximize the cleanliness of the building. 

  • Changing territorial thought processes

  • Utilizing strengths for specialized teams

  • The facts about which shift works harder

  • Using the mission statement to accomplish goals

  • The power of family chats

Chapter Three: Where Did I Put That?

The focus of this chapter is on utilizing resources and tools to maximize results.

  • The essential ROCKSTAR traits

  • Keys to being efficient and effective

  • Utilizing professional communication tools

  • Eliminating steps

Chapter Four: Unlocking the Door

The focus of this chapter is on what is needed to unlock the door to success.

  • Building professional relationships

  • Looking for and taking opportunities

  • Impressions: How to make the right one

  • The benefits of going above and beyond

  • Custodial Networking

  • Emailing 101

  • ROCKSTAR interviewing skills

Chapter Five: Power, Power, Power

The focus of this chapter is on the correct use of power.

  • What works and what doesn't

  • Power freak pitfalls

  • Power with versus power over

  • Working with different personality types

  • Correctly dealing with employee issues

  • The art of delegation


Chapter Six: Putting Your Trash in the Right Barrel

The focus of this chapter is on dealing with and overcoming rumors and gossip.

  • Is it Rumor or is it Fact?

  • Rumor impact on production

  • Social media dangers

  • Name dropping

  • The correct way to confront gossip

  • The ROCKSTAR Custodian 10 Commandments

  • Who Swings your Mop?

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